The new Android 12 DP3 is loaded with an improved dark mode version that will protect the user’s eye sight

The twelfth major release or the upcoming 19th Android version, Android 12 has recently released its third developer preview after the first developer review came out previously on 18th February, 2021.

This new Android 12 is loaded with many features as well as some hidden features as well. Some of the prominent features include the “silky home” which is a new thumb friendly feature based on animation and smooth user experience. Another new update is the rounded edges from the app drawer on user’s home screen. Another cool new change is the volume button update. Which is just like a brightness slider. This new volume level can be seen with a rounded vertical pill with accent color filled in .

While all these new features where made available to make the user experience more innovative, another feature has been introduced that not only just makes it more elite but is also beneficial from the health’s point of view. This new feature is an improved version of dark mode aiming to protect the eyes of the user. An improved version was much needed to make the latest Android 12 operating system more pleasant. And for this, as per 9to5G, Google decided to introduce toast messages which are properly themed to be used in dark mode.

For starters, toast messages are the notification that appears to be pill shaped. Unlike other notifications, these toast messages pop up from the bottom of the user screen and are usually a confirmation message whenever a user changes setting or sends a message, these toast messages appear saying “message sent”. In previous Android versions, these toast messages used to popup with a light grey background and a text written with darker font. However, many other apps worked on this to generate their own messages with different colors. However, it seems to be that this only works for Google supported apps.

Comparing the changes observed in Android 11 and Android 12 developer preview 3 it could be said that the changes made are trivial and the visibility for the new Android version is more improved. By adding a background bubble that matches the color of the icon. This may not be a big update but the fact that Google is working with apps to make the dark splash screen available could be a hint that the tech giant is planning to make its dark theme a full time proper feature.

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