In 2021, Brazil sales out the most expensive iPad Pro, while the United States and Hong Kong sales out cheapest one

Recently, Apple introduced the fifth-generation iPad Pro at its Spring Loaded event. According to a report, this 12.9 inch model of iPad Pro is expected to experience a considerable rise in price. The expected rise in cost did occur and for few nations the price was much more than expected.

As per Nukeni, on comparing the price of iPad Pro all around the world, it was found out that Hong Kong and the United States is offering far less price as compared to Brazil and Sweden. When it comes to Brazil, the price of the iPad pro is twice the amount charged in the United States.

Different models of iPad pro are selling out at different price range. iPad Pro 11-inch Wi-Fi with 128GB cost around $799.00 in the United States, in Hong Kong the price is $824.29, whereas, in Sweden and Brazil the cost is relatively higher around $1,122.24 and $1,938.88 respectively. With the same 11-inch iPad pro base model, the price is $1,000 which is more expensive than the cost of iPad in the US.

As far as the price of iPad Pro 12.9-inch Wi-Fi with 128GB is concerned, in the United States it has been selling out at $1,099, in Hong Kong the price of this model is $1,133.45. In Sweden, the same model is a little expensive around $1,536.25 and in Brazil $2,657.05 is the cost of iPad pro 12.9-inch which the highest among all.

This is just what takes place with the base model of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. In the United States, a Brazilian could purchase two 12.9-inch models while only purchasing one in Brazil.

The cost of iPad Pro 12.9-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular with 2TB in the United States is $2,399.00, in Hong Kong it is $2,408.73. Whereas, in Sweden it has been selling out at $3,309.54 and Brazil is selling it at highest price of about $5,386.11.

In Brazil, the 2021 iPad Pro rate is a bit extra than a Pro Display XDR with full specifications.

South American country is not only leading for its most expensive Apple products but the price range is increasing every time. European countries often spend more for an iPad than their Asian neighbors, according to the list.

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