Yahoo Answers will be shutting down for good on May 4th 2021

Yahoo Answers is one of the biggest and longest-running platforms in the history of the internet. This platform is in the working since 2005 and has been in action for sixteen years as a platform for question and answer for the users. But now the Yahoo Answers is officially shutting down on the 4th of May 2021. That’s the day when the Yahoo Answer will start the redirecting of the page and all the questions and answers that are posted on the platform will be ceased to exist. This platform has been intact during the rise of Reedit, Quora, and other companies with the same features.

Yahoo announced by adding a banner on the page of the Yahoo Answers homepage. According to the announcement, it is clear that the users will not be able to post any new questions or answers on the Yahoo page starting from April 20th. The availability of the past question and answer is only available till May 4th and then all the posts will be officially deleted from the page. Although Yahoo Answer will officially be shut down in May, yet the users will have until June 30th to request the downloading and the copy of their data. The data includes all the user-generated content that includes the question list and answer list as well as the images. This can be done by signing into Your Privacy Dashboard and request for a download. After the 30th of June, all the data will be securely deleted from the webpage of Yahoo Answers.

The note sent by the members of the Yahoo Answer giving details about the shutting of the platform tells the user that due to less popularity of the Yahoo Answer and the company has decided to shift their resources to the product that they can serve better. Yahoo Answer also mentioned that the closure of the platform won’t affect the user’s other accounts on Yahoo or other services of Yahoo. The app launched by Yahoo Answer for the iPhone in 2016 is also no longer available for use.

Along with Google Search, Yahoo Answer has been one of the iconic sources for the question and answer and the shutting down of this platform marks to the end of an era. Yahoo Answer has helped many users over the world to search for the answers to their queries.

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