WhatsApp is working on the capability to transfer the chat history between an iOS and an Android device

Many users were facing the problem of transferring their chat history from iPhone to Android or from Android to an iPhone when they buy a new phone. So, they try to back up their WhatsApp chat history through third-party apps which violates the terms and conditions of WhatsApp. Therefore, WhatsApp has decided to work on the capability to migrate the chat history from an iOS or an Android device. The earlier report says that people don’t need to stay connected to the internet service while using WhatsApp web. Basically, WhatsApp is trying to grab more traffic to its platform which migrated to the Telegram app.

According to the report of WABetaInfo, a platform that tests the new feature of WhatsApp in Beta, this new feature of shifting the chat history will be rolled out in the upcoming update; however, it did not point out the exact arrival date. The report included the screenshot showing the pop for iOS, in which it is asking people to upgrade the app to the new version to get the new feature of transferring the chat backup to another device running WhatsApp for Android. The report further says that when WhatsApp tries to link the different operating system devices, it needs to be updated to the latest version available on the App Store to circumvent any compatibility of an error on Android devices.

The company had been exploring the usage of WhatsApp on different devices at the same time, and the chat migration feature is a part of the multi-device functionality that WhatsApp is testing from few months. WABetaInfo first stated about WhatsApp feature in a process that would sync chat backup across platform last year. It’s good news for those people who are used to switch from one device to another, so now they don’t have to lose data. WABetaInfo also shared the screenshot that user can use the WhatsApp web application without the use of the internet or they can even use WhatsApp on more than one device, as the company is now investing its efforts in such a feature which is already available on other platforms like Telegram, as this feature is a most requested feature from the public. May users have also requested to launch the iPad version of Instagram? Now the exact date has been announced yet neither for the chat migration feature nor for the iPad version of Instagram.

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