Microsoft Edge’s Web Capture Tool Now Allows Users To Scroll Through Multiple Sections At The Same Time

Microsoft Edge is getting an update to its Web Capture tool, allowing users to select sub-regions of pages to scroll through.

The Web Capture tool is, essentially, Microsoft’s way of allowing users to take neat, well-trimmed screen caps of webpages without having to rely on cropping screenshots of the entire desktop screen (which results in losing pixels) or even leaning on third party apps which can notoriously be unsafe. The process for taking these screen caps is rather straightforward. All a user has to do is press the Ctrl, Shift, and S keys together. Other ways of activating Web Capture involve scrolling down on the Settings menu for Edge (denoted by three dots), or simply clicking and holding on a webpage. A useful facet of this tool is that users aren’t limited to what’s on the screen at a given time. If users wish to take a more thorough screenshot, they can easily scroll down while in Web Capture mode, thereby adding more to their screen cap and acquiring everything they wish to.

While the Web Capture mode is rather well developed, and its scroll down feature allows for much in the way of convenience, there are still limitations to overcome. Specifically, when a webpage has multiple sections that require scrolling up and down through (say, for instance, a submenu, that you can see as an example in Edge settings), the Web Capture does not allow for all of them to be simultaneously twiddled with. Or, rather, it didn’t allow for such behavior. Because the latest update (behind a flag) to the tool deals with exactly this problem.

In a new update to the Edge interface, Web Capture (as well as the Smart Copy tool) now have the ability to detect multiple scroll-able sections present in a webpage. Via this detection, users can now manually shift through the various areas, selectively scrolling and setting up the perfect screenshot that they desire. The feature can be utilized by using the Edit pop-up that appears whenever the Web Capture tool is activated.

The feature, very effectively building upon an already useful tool, is unfortunately both currently incomplete and unavailable on any of Edge’s main stable builds. It’s currently only accessible to users that have Edge Canary downloaded (a browser build that features earlier mock-ups of upcoming features). Even on Canary, the multiple scrolling sections aren’t easily or effectively navigated through, seeing as the feature isn’t completely polished yet. However, considering its appearance on Canary, it shouldn’t be all too long before we finally see this new widget implemented into Web Capture and Edge’s main build properly. If you wish to activate this feature all you need is go this URL edge://flags/#edge-subscroller-area-selection and enable the Subscroller Area Selection option and restart your browser. Voila! Now you can enjoy the Web capture feature with some extra scrolling feature.

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