A recent Whatsapp scam has been identified, which is said to be more dangerous than the previous ones as it will come through from one of your contacts

We all have heard of the various scamming methods that we see on different social media sites every now and then, but the way Whatsapp has been a home to these scams and the people doing them is like none other, the reason being that this platform has millions of users and for scammers to reach out and scam as many people as possible, Whatsapp looks like the number one platform where such things can be achievable. The app at the moment has over 2 billion users worldwide and is also ranked as the number one messaging app out there. Through the years users of this platform have received many warning notifications, about certain messages and how the user can get hacked from that, these messages take your login data and now many people all across the globe are aware of this.

The recent scam about which we are talking is said to be a little different from the previous ones, different and dangerous as well and why? Because this scam will make its way through one of your own contacts, a warning has been issued from security pros to make sure that users are on high alert for this new scam that is spreading quite widely and quickly all around. Now how will this scam work? The hacker will have hacked your friend or family member’s account through the same way you can, through a text message. Well, basically you’ll get a text from your own family member or friend, and we all will agree to this that whenever a message from any family member or friend comes we do open that and respond to it because we know it is from a trusted contact. The message from that family member or friend won’t be their usual messages as they will send you a code and will ask to verify your phone through a site, the sender’s Whatsapp has gotten hacked and if you send the code then your Whatsapp account will get hacked too. If something of this sort happens to you then do not cause chaos, and just call your family member or friend informing them that their account has gotten hacked and by logging into their account they will kick out the hacker.

Whatsapp has a 2-factor authentication system that has allowed you to assign a custom pin to your account, with things like these going around every now and then, make sure you have your 2-factor authentication on to make your Whatsapp account more secure. With the current situations taking up most of our time, it is important to always take precautions no matter what.

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