WhatsApp is bringing ease to businesses with a large inventory to manage their catalogs through its web desktop clients

WhatsApp is now bringing ease to businesses to create and handle their catalogs from WhatsApp Web or Desktop purchases and reach more potential customers. These catalogs can be shared in the form of links anywhere via social media or any other platform, enabling more customers to explore these businesses and DM about their products and services. WhatsApp is trying to enhance the business activities on its platform and it also introduced payment methods and online shopping a few time back so to connect customers and businessmen. Businesses can now hide unavailable products from their catalogs and show these products again when it is available in their stocks through WhatsApp web and desktop clients. Both the basic aim for making both these adjustments is to strengthen the expertise for businesses operating WhatsApp as a supply for reaching their prospects.

This will help the businesses with large inventory like a restaurant or clothing store so that they can handle their catalogs from a large screen. This latest feature is now available to all WhatsApp business app users. This catalog feature was first introduced by WhatsApp back in 2019 and just after a few time, there are almost 8 million business catalogs are present on this platform with 1 million in India alone.

Businesses can hide the catalog item by going to setting then business tools and the catalog. The app will show all the products listed in the catalog that can be hidden by tapping the three dots icon and then going to HIDE. Businesses also have the option to hide products in large quantities by tapping and holding one of the products they want to hide until the green checkmark shows. Businesses can also unhide the product they have hidden by going to the details of the product page and selecting UNHIDE after clicking the more options icon. Companies can also select multiple items to unhide until when the stock is available.

WhatsApp says that it has received a lot of requests from the companies to make a feature that can show the customers about the unavailability of the product so that they don’t get the orders for the products until it is available back in stock. WhatsApp brought this ease to businesses in the form of hiding and unhide options. During the lockdown situations, many businesses are running their activities online so, it is a good step by WhatsApp to promote business activities on its platform.

H/T: NDTV. / Adweek.

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