Facebook experiments with Hotline app, a Live audio chat competing to Clubhouse through which users will be able to use a blend of voices including Q&A format for contributing in online discussions with the host

You may be familiar with the Clubhouse app which was created in the year 2020, it is social networking app based on audio-chat. The Clubhouse has become much famous after getting launch as it has about 2 million weekly active users and more than 10 million downloads from all over the world. Users can listen to conversations, interviews, and discussions between different hosts on various topics. As per TC, Facebook is now testing a rival to the Clubhouse app which will be in Q&A format and users will be provided with a blend of audio and video options for contributing to online discussions and interviews with the host. It’s just like a podcast but live with an extra layer of exclusivity. This live audio trend has become much famous just in few years and Facebook wants to keep up this trend and to give good competition to the Clubhouse app.

Twitter has also provided its users named Twitter Spaces; therefore, this trend is growing so fast especially during the quarantine situation. The social media giants are scrambling to stop the users from being attracted only by online rivals. The Hotline will allow the creator to speak to the users who can then ask questions through texts or audio format, the creator can even turn on the camera of users for the event, besides just audio-chat only. Facebook has already a large number of audiences on its platform so it is possible that its created Hotline can give a tough time to Clubhouse app and people may spend more time on Hotline. It will be a good option for the users to join live multimedia Q&A which can help people learn a lot from experts in different areas like professional skills, and it can also help the experts to build their business and get the engagement of the audience.

Hotline still, does not have a limit on the number of users and Facebook says that it will moderate the inappropriate content in the testing phase itself on Hotline. It will not be a standalone app and Facebook has said that it will assimilate the authorization method via Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook. The host will be able to remove a question from the queue if he thinks does not comply with the rules and the workers can expel a person who violates the rules and regulations. Facebook is also increasing the abilities on its live audio and video both on the main site and on Instagram after the popularity of Zoom and Clubhouse.

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