In the past 5 years, WhatsApp has managed to deliver around 100 trillion encrypted messages

21st century is all about privacy and security, and at a time like this, when Facebook owned WhatsApp had to face a fall down recently, the company still managed to complete its 5 years since they rolled in the encrypted messages update. According to the Wired magazine, WhatsApp was able to securely deliver more than 100 trillion messages to over 2 billion users.

It is true that now almost every other messaging application is looking forward for encrypted messages but at the same time, these apps are pressurized to turn off the encrypted message feature. Either it be Europe, Asia or Africa, as much as users prefer privacy while chatting with someone they want to, the government’s of the respected regions are clearly not in support. The elected officials in Europe are after companies, asking them to find a break through for their own Encryption algorithms, similarly the Indian policy makers are not in favor as well as new regulations have been published for messaging apps that will chip away the power to have a private conversation meanwhile Brazil’s Supreme Court is yet to decide whether the people should have an access to the encrypted messages service or not.

People look forward to encrypted messages because no-one wants their private conversations to be over heard whether the conversation is taking place face to face or on a messaging app, everyone deserves their privacy to not to be compromised unfortunately, the fear of conversations to get leaked either by a criminal organization, or financial scam group or even the government itself, the fear reside and will remain there as long as the encrypted service will be kept pressurized.

End to end encryption is so secure that it even restricts the tech companies themselves from have an access to any sensitive information between two users, not only the companies but the employees as well cannot do anything to access any conversation. The way the encryption algorithm of WhatsApp actually works may found to be easy to understand but the program running in the background that makes it functional, is far more complex. The system works just like a lock and key, every lock has its own key, similarly every message being sent or received has its very own lock and key. The end to end encryption of WhatsApp exchanges the keys automatically, directly on the receiver and sender’s physical device.

This WhatsApp’s encryption service has made it possible for a doctor to examine the patient remotely, for business owners to discuss their deals, for journalists to bring forward the hidden truth to light all of this is done without breaching anyone’s privacy. This is the reason why WhatsApp was able to reach this milestone in just 5 years.

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