Google has announced that its unlimited Drive storage feature for high-quality photos upload will be now limited, and this is to go into effect soon

Google has always had something up its sleeve, whether it is for its Google Chrome or Google Docs. The multinational company is always up to something with trying to launch features that can make the overall experience of their users better on which ever sub platform they land their hands and eyes on, but sometimes these features can be short lived as well. Google in the year 2020 announced that the storage limit it had for its Google Drive has to be limited now and because of that Google announced that all the files which includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. that were created on Google Drive will now be all on the user’s account storage. The company is yet to execute on this and is in fact delaying this but only for their Workspace users and of course that is too temporarily.

Google says that this delay is actually allowing the company to provide a new admin tools in order to identity and manage how the storage is used before this plan executes soon. People on Google at the moment are trying to find out how the other files are taking up on each user’s separate Google Drive. The users will be losing their free unlimited high-quality photo uploads feature as well as all the files that were created in Drive will be counted against the total storage allotment, this will be on motion from June 1st. However, the Workspace and G-Suite users have been granted some time and are allowed to move their data till February 1st of 2022; this policy means that all the collective files in Drive that includes Docs, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Sheets Jamboard will not be counted on a user who has a Workspace account as well, until next year, however this doesn’t mean that this policy applies to their personal account. Basically, the users who have Workspace account will join this policy to with their personal accounts on February 1st of next year while the new policy will get applied to all personal accounts on June 1s of 2021.

All the high-quality photos will not be uploaded on Google Drive storage quotas that will be allotted by the company. Google’s unlimited storage feature was so liked by everyone and many people all around were getting more relied on this, when Google announced this policy last year, the company received much backlash and rightfully so, but the reason why Google is putting a limit to this storage quantity is because it wasn’t financially possible for the company to keep supporting the millions of GB of data that was uploaded every day.

Image Credits: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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