TikTok Tests the Option to Manage Multiple Comments at The Same Time

TikTok is among one of the most widely used applications throughout the world and it has managed to climb up on the ladder of success very quickly since its launch. The application has millions of users from around the world and having such a large audience makes the company work hard day in and out and bring about new features which will be user friendly for their audience and also make their platform a more positive one.

Recently, TikTok has spotted testing another new feature on its platform. As per Alessandro Paluzzi, TikTok is developing a feature which will give users the ability to manage multiple comments on their videos and trust me this one is a life saver for so many TikTok stars out there.

No platform on social media is secured from hate or negative comments. Some people take out time from there day just so that they can bring other people down or pass bad comments about all their hard work. Similar stuff happens on TikTok where some people in the comments leave hate or mean comments no matter how good the video is or how much hard work the creator as put in. Such people just have to demean others and while TikTok gives creators the ability to delete or report such comments previously deleting and reporting comments could be done one comment at a time.

But things are changing now because TikTok is launching an option which will give creators the accessibility to manage multiple comments at the same time. To enable this option and can enter the multiple comments management mode via the icon at the top left or by holding down a comment and selecting the corresponding option.

This way you can either block, report or delete multiple comments all at the same time.
This is a great feature and option by TikTok because firstly demeaning and hurtful comments can make you lose you will to put in the hard work that the creators do and also can be a reason for loss of motivation and deleting many hurtful comments individually can be task in itself and therefore this new multiple management option by TikTok is really nice feature in our opinion.

We are sure this feature like many others TikTok has launched will gain a lot of success and we cannot wait to see what else the company has in store for us.

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