Google Chrome Adds A New Memories Feature, Allowing Users To More Efficiently Manage Previous Search History, Tab Groups, And Bookmarks

Google has added a Memories feature to Chrome, which essentially groups a user’s previous tab groups, bookmarks, and search History all under one webpage.

Memories more or less functions as an updated version of the History feature of the Chrome browser. When previously all that users could examine were individual sites that they had visited before closing those respective tabs, this new approach attempts to make the entire process of accessing tab groups, history, and one’s personal bookmarks much easier. Instead of having to shift from place to place, all relevant details and links can be found under one easy to access heading.

The Memories feature even shares functionality with the previous History interface. Particularly, users can either scroll down in search of specific links, or they can use a dedicated Search bar to narrow the process down and pinpoint the links or tab groups they’re looking for. Easy enough, and rather efficient too. It also follows up the Sharing Hub feature, another user friendly addition by Google to the Chrome interface, demonstrating that despite the application being the top browser across the world by far, the tech giant is unwilling to simply rest on their laurels and is committed to continually improving user experience.

It should be stated, however, that as it stands the Memories feature is not widely available on stable Chrome versions. As a matter of fact, it is currently only accessible via the Canary build of Chrome; a test version of the browser, to make a rather simple explanation of it. Canary often features products and updates that Google is either on the fence about uploading to the general Chrome interface, or is still developing and wants users to test it and give feedback. The addition of tab groups to the History section was also included in Canary, prior to it all being assembled together under Memories.

If you are interested in enabling this feature all you need is a Chrome Canary browser, and open this URL chrome://flags/#memories and enable this feature and restart browser now go to chrome://memories to enjoy this feature.

At any rate, the feature also fits under the general minimalistic motif companies and brands as a whole are currently following. Anywhere from more concise webpages, to more simplistic and vectorized logos, the trend of minimalism seems to be taking over the corporate world. And while in terms of functionality this trend shift seems to be for the better, we could honestly do without the companies simplifying logos every other day (for reference, look no further than the Mozilla, Edge, and Chrome browser icons).

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