Analysis Shows 'Most Talked About' Brands Across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram

Recent data across the YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok platforms has revealed the top brands driving the current influential wave. While the most influential brands change from platform to platform, some such as Shein, Netflix, and Fashion Nova have gained a sizable amount of traction across all three.

Now, instead of actively discussing every single top 10 entry across each platform, we’ll simply be breaking down some of the more prevalent trends and companies, both limited to each application as well as all three of them together.

A brand that deserves a much closer look is the women clothing and fashion accessories brands, Shein. It ranks number one across both TikTok and YouTube, while also enjoying a comfortable 4th position in Instagram’s domain. Well, what gives? This Chinese based company apparently seems to owe its success to a solid combination of cheap products, heavy online advertising, and word of mouth. HypeAuditor, the measuring yardstick for online popularity, notes that the brand displayed a total of 136,000 mentions by over 30,000 influencers. Certainly, money played right.

While Netflix only features on our list once, placing a solid 2nd place under Shein in TikTok’s most influential brands, there’s a lot more happening under the picture. The streaming service has heavily relied on influencers on TikTok to further spread news about the latest in films and TV series on the platform, and has spent an estimated $57.3 million in terms of social media advertising across all platforms. The video-streaming service is still growing in terms of user base and customers, so the effort seems to be paying off.

Fashion brands in general seem to be enjoying much of the online discussion. Other than Shein, Fashion Nova is prevalent across all three platforms, ranking 7th on TikTok, 5th on Instagram, and 4th on YouTube. YouTube also features other heavy hitters such as Sephora, Ana Luisa, and Duvolle, making the platform incredibly lucrative for fashion brands and influencers. Especially with how much YouTubers such as Jeffree Star and James Charles seem to be making headlines, this much could be surmised by any individual. Fashion seems to be the popular word across all of these communities in general. Instagram itself also features Shein, Fashion Nova, Nike, and H&M on its top 10 listing, the most amount of space any singular type of brand has occupied.
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