TikTok Adds a New Hub to Help Business Owners to See What Is Trending On Its Platforms

TikTok is one of the most widely used applications around the world and has an audience usage of millions. While individual accounts use the application as a means to make fun video content and other viewers who scroll through these videos as a fun pass time, but there are business accounts on the platforms as well which rely on the application for the branding and expanding their business.

TikTok realizes that brands do rely on their platform and therefore the company has introduced new 'Business Creative Hub' content showcase, which is now available on business accounts to help brands tap into the latest trends both on the platform generally and among business in their local region.

TikTok introduced this new hub on the business accounts because in a survey which they conducted for business accounts the platform found out that a lot of times business account users are demotivated and have lack of inspiration about what content to create for their brands on the platform. This could be because at times what is the winning strategy on other platforms for marketing won’t work on TikTok or simply users at times do not realize what is trending and hence are not able to market their brands and businesses properly.

The new hub solves this problem of business account owners as it contains a showcase of trending content in three different categories, which aims to highlight creative, engaging use of TikTok clips by brands.

The hub, which is available via the 'Business Suite' section of the 'Settings and privacy' menu on the platform is separated into two elements.

The first being a video showcase which highlights the trending video content into three main categories.

The first category in this is the Trending: Business which shows videos that are posted by other business accounts within the same country as the business account users and the videos appear by the ranking on the total number of likes they have received.

The second category in this department is the Engaging: Business, which shows the content selection of businesses that are similar to yours and appear in the ranking by the level of engagement they have received. The engagement is measured by the ratio of comments to video views.

The third category in this is the Trending: Community which shows content from all account type from all over the world ranked by the number of likes they have received. The more the likes the higher number on which they appear.

The second element on this new hub is called “Business Content Guide” which according to the company is an easy way to understand the working and strategies of the platform and how to get your business to flourish on the app.

It is like a cheat sheet which contains the tips on content strategy, storyline ideation, and video shooting and other practical tips on how to set up an attractive profile, what to posts, information about content moderation and traffic.

While the first element was all video examples of what content is trending in the business community this portion of the hub is almost all static apart from a few video examples in between. However, it still provides a lot of learning with all the guidance notes and advice it contains along with handy resources for TikTok marketers and the success stories of the business owners on the app.

While these are some tips and tricks to start your initial journey on the platform the best way to succeed further will always be to give a good amount of time to the application itself.

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