TikTok Rolls Out an Option to Cast Your Live Streams to Your PC or Mac

TikTok in no time after its launch became one of the most downloaded and widely used application throughout the world with over millions of people worldwide having an account on the application. The app allows you to create short videos, express yourself and share it with the world. Since it has gain such a huge popularity and following in a very short span of time the company tries to bring about changes and introduce new features to make the app more interesting and a user friendly space for their audience in order to keep their current audience intact and attract new ones.

Recently, one feature by TikTok caught the eye of the very well-known social media consultant who enlightens the world with all his small and hidden feature discoveries before they even make public appearance named none other than Matt Navarra who took it to his Twitter to tell us about this new feature.

Matt in his tweet showed a screenshot (from Sam Schmir) which had the live streaming page and under the box of the statement reading “Go Live” was another feature which was not present before and it read “Cast on PC/Mac.” While you may not be able to see such a feature on your account right now that is probably because TikTok has introduced it for only a smaller scale of people in a few regions and that is because it is still under testing conditions. This feature will allow users to connect their TikTok live happening on their mobile phones to their computers or MacBook’s and continue watching live from there. The feature is still under testing and that is why you may not be able to see it on your screens right now and once if TikTok thinks the test has shown positive results will they make this public.

It is great to see such huge companies trying to improve their applications day after day and bringing new and unique features for their audience in order to providing them an easier to use and unique platform. The video making platform has done some wonders in the past and has introduced phenomenal features and tools and we are sure it still has a lot in its bag to offer to its public and we cannot see what else will it offer us in the future.

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