Dark mode is getting better in Google Chrome when you go in incognito tab

The Dark mode is now a handy feature in many applications and browsers. And since the discovery of this feature it has been the favorite of many users because it is easier on the eyes as well as it gives a better and less bright aesthetic of the screen. The Dark mode is available in the major operating systems and web browsers. Therefore, Chrome also has the option of switching between the bright mode and the dark mode. But the application of dark mode in the Google browser is not perfect yet and the company is trying its best to make the feature better.

The users that use the Incognito Mode in Chrome have noticed that the Dark Mode is not as dark as it should be. Many options and elements outstand from the other parts that is present in the Dark Mode. It is seen that some UI elements  that is in the Incognito remain very bright even though the option of the Dark Mode is switched on. But Google is trying to make changes and trying to enhance the Dark Mode feature. The new settings of the Dark Mode will ignore all the customization that is made by the user and any light mode setting that might have an effect on the settings of the Dark Mode.

Chrome treats the Dark mode in the incognito differently because it makes it easier for the users to distinguish between the light mode and the dark mode only at one glance. Chrome Canary is doing new experiments in the Windows, macOS, Linus, and Chrome OS and its engineers are giving the users a choice to switch between the light mode and the Dark Mode.

If you want to activate a true and complete Dark Mode, you can do it by enabling two hidden flags must from the Chrome's experimental page section. For the activation, firstly, users have to open this URL "chrome://flags" and search and enable "Enforces dark mode UI on desktop". This will help the incognito mode of the Chrome to ignore any interference by the light mode and other customizations that are done by the user. Secondly, enable the "Incognito brand consistency for desktop" flag, which will remove any background or theme level adjustments in the incognito mode. Now restart your browser and open an incognito tab and open the 3-dot menu to enjoy the true dark theme on Chrome.

This option is currently only available in Chrome Canary but in the future, this feature will be available on the stable version and with a default option.

H/T: TechDows.

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