TikTok, Facebook and Instagram are the most downloaded apps in the first quarter of 2021, while YouTube is at the top in terms of consumer spend

Despite various threats, and bans in some big countries and many allegations over content moderation TikTok is still the most popular app in the world with the highest downloads in the first quarter of 2021. TikTok has also around 700 million users from all over the world and it is hoped that this app will get about a billion+ users by the end of 2021.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world as this app allows users to create 15 seconds videos with a variety of content like education, sports, and entertainment, etc. This app was first launched in the year 2016 and it has started to gain much popularity in past few years. It allows users to duet and you can even apply many filters to your videos and many other famous social media platforms are trying to copy the trends of TikTok, for instance, Instagram has taken the idea of TikTok as reel content in which people can also create 15 seconds videos on Instagram. Many people are using this platform to create videos especially in quarantine situations when people want to connect with their friends and family and they want entertainment so they consider TikTok as the most entertaining platform nowadays.

It is no doubt that people have still Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in their phones but the download stats is not indicative of usage of apps, as if you see the monthly active users, Facebook is at the top of the list, but TikTok is still growing very fast. According to App Annie’s break out chart, some apps have seen major growth in downloads, quarter every quarter including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp had allegations of data-sharing which put an adverse impact on this app, but Telegram and Signal flowed up in the download chart. However, WhatsApp is trying to bring a new update in which it will modify some of its policies and plans and it is hoped that people will respond positively after such changes.

The growth in MX Takatak has also become a popular app in India as it has filled the gap of TikTok, but yet, this app is not launched in other countries. And when it comes to in-app purchases, YouTube is leading the chart. App Annie has also shared the data of app spending besides the download charts and its usage, which shows the massive impact of COVID-19 on ecommerce and online shopping. The spending on apps has increased up to 40% in a year and almost $32 billion has been spent on in-app purchases on iOS and Google Play only in the first quarter of 2021. Slowly and steadily, online shopping has become the habit of many people even in underdeveloped countries due to the lockdown situation.

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