Twitter is Reportedly Working on In-App Purchase for Android Users

It looks like Twitter is set for pretty big things really soon. It wasn’t too long ago when Jane Manchun Wong (known for reporting about features that haven’t been launched yet) tweeted about Twitter working on an app subscription for paid features such as “Undo Tweet”. It now appears that the microblogging service is ready to take the next step.

As per a recent tweet by Jane, Twitter is currently focusing on introducing in-app purchases in the Android app. She said this new addition could most likely be for variables such as app subscription.

She even attached a screenshot to her tweet to give us a better look at what’s cooking in the Twitter world. The highlighted text i.e. Google Play billing service is listed under App permissions.

While it’s not an “edit tweet” feature that users have been clamoring for since forever, this report is a clear indication of the fact that Twitter has some big plans and cool features in store for people who are willing to spend some bucks on the app.

Undo Tweet” and “Super Follows” are just a start and Twitterati should prepare themselves to get surprised more often.

What are your thoughts on the in-app purchase permission? Do you think it will play a factor in people’s decision to install Twitter on their smartphones? Let us know in the comments below.

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