How behavior of people from different generations are impacted by smartphones

There is no denying in the fact that smartphones play an integral part in each one of our lives. Whether that is for a 9 year old kid or even a 60 year old person. We all have become fully dependent on our phones for every little thing. Around us, we have people that belong to one of the four generations, the first generation that basically is the future of everything on the works at the moment is Generation Z, that includes people born in the year 1997 to 2012, the Millennials having people born between the years 1981-1996, Generation X including people born from 1965-1980 and then Baby Boomers having people from 1955 to 1964 (the age bracket may differ for some researcher but you get the idea).

Recently, a study was conducted by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) that shows how much people form these different generations use their phones. If there is one generation that is known to be using their phones all day and night long, it has to be Generation Z. There are multiple studies that support this fact that people from Generation Z are too much dependent on their devices and use this as a source of entertainment, education and much more, because of this many marketers and content creators connect with the younger generation much easier than with the other ones. The results show that about 51 percent of the people from this Generation Z were found to check their phones after every few minutes, 45% of Millennials, 31% from Generation X and 17% from Baby Boomers were found to do the same.

There are people who first use their phones as primary source of information for anything before looking up to other devices for it. According to the GWI survey, 48% of the people from Generation Z do this, followed by the Millennials having 42% of their people, 37% from Generation X and 23% from the Baby boomers use their phones first to look up for something before using other means. When doing some work or even studying, we often get distracted with the notifications that keep on coming, this gets our attention diverted and the work which we were doing gets into pending mode, the results from the survey show that the generation least getting distracted by such notifications is as expected, the Baby boomers with only 15% of its people getting distracted, after this we have Generation X with only 25% of its people. Generation Z takes the lead with having 53% of its people unable to focus their attention elsewhere with the notifications that keep on popping, followed by Millennials having only 30%. The results don’t come as shocking because as mentioned Generation Z is quite known to be belonging from that vicinity where their entire world revolves around these smartphones.

If someone is using their phone constantly then of course he or she does shift in between apps, checking every other notification and basically just being lost in the social media world. In this region of course Generation Z again takes the lead with having 49% of its people, followed by the Millennials with 37%, Generation X with 29% and finally of course with the least amount of percentage the Baby boomers with only 15%.

The results overall just prove again how much smartphones have taken over our lives and especially in Generation Z which mostly includes the younger generation. Like every other thing phones have their merits and demerits, it really depends with which intention you are using your phone and that in the end depicts your overall performance, health and behavior as well.

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