Users of WhatsApp flooded with spam verification messages

In the world of social media, WhatsApp is one the most popular medium that is used for text and voice messaging as well as a platform to make audio and video calls through the internet. This social media application was launched in 2009. The most appealing part of the application is that you can use it on various phones as well as PC systems. It takes help from the Wi-Fi and the cellular data and allows the users to send messages, makes video and audio calls.

But in WhatsApp, there have been many attempts of the account being stolen or hijacked by other bad actors. Like previous attempt to steal users account on the WhatsApp, another mass attempt is made to steal WhatsApp account of users. Many users of Watsapp have complained that they have received spam verification messages in an attempt to steal their existing account and all the information that is present on the account.

In the spam verification message, the users are asked to prove whether they are human or robot that are using the account. The users are asked to send the code that they’ve received from WhatsApp for the verification of the account, otherwise, their account will be disabled, blocked or banned.

In response to such complaints by the users of the application, WhatsApp had denied that these verification messages were sent by their company. This means that the spam messages that are send to the users for the verification of their account are not an official message sent by the moderators of the Whatsapp company. Whatsapp has opposed any such development.

The users of the application are advised to enable the two-step verification on WhatsApp, as it allows to add more security to your WhatsApp account. Enabling the feature of the two-step verification, you have to create and confirm a PIN code that is required when you are accessing your account. This is different from the 6-digit code verification and WhatsApp never asks for the 6-digit code.

Therefore, the users are advised to be careful and block and report all the scam accounts that are sending such spam verification messages. The users of this application are guided to turn on the two-step verification to make sure that their account is secured from any sort of hacking or stealing.

Beware whatsapp users a new phishing campaign is making rounds.
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