The crying out loud face has become the most widely used emoji on Twitter

The world of texting got more interesting when we all got introduced to emojis. Not only via texting, but on social media platforms too. Emojis have easily become a means of representing our emotions and our feelings. Many people also believe that messages or statuses without emojis look as if the sender or poster is going through a huge emotional turmoil. Emojis have become an important part in expressing your emotions and to display something through text, whether it be messaging someone or posting something on the internet. Emojis came out in 1997 and were developed by Japan first, emojis became popular worldwide when they got introduced to different mobile operating systems such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, LG, HTC and in also in apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook etc. in the 2010s.

For a long period of time, basically since the emojis became widely popular, the laughing emoji with tears (😂) was a major fan favorite and that too on all platforms and apps, but recently Emojipedia reported that the laughing emoji with tears is not at the top anymore as according to the month to month report submitted by Twitter, the loudly crying emoji (😭) is in the first place. Shocking isn’t it? But with everything that is going on in the world at the moment especially with the global corona virus pandemic and many people facing such huge essential crisis, we won’t say that this comes as a surprise. This is actually the first time that an emoji other than the laughing emoji in tears has reached number one position for being used the most. Data that has been collected even suggests that the loudly crying emoji has reached the top position by such a huge margin from other emojis that looks as if it may stay like for a while. People everywhere are quick to say that it is Generation Z that has cancelled this emoji to use in favor of something alternative. Media has even highlighted this and people from different platforms cannot help but to actually make memes out of this for fun. According to the previous data collected, the growth of the laughing emoji with tears has gone to pause mode for quite some time now, and people now with the new data of loudly crying emoji beating this cannot seem to wonder if there is much less things left in the world to laugh now.

The global pandemic and the people of Generation Z have made the most widely used emoji step down and have let the laughing out loud emoji take its place. The emoji is used as an expression of sadness and grief or simply as a melodramatic expression.

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