Rising up to 280 million users, Snapchat has left Twitter behind and reports a potential take-up of Tiktok’s clone, Spotlight

According to the latest performance report posted by Snapchat , it showed a great rise in app usage and the revenue it generated in the first quadrant of 2021. With a solid increment like this, more marketing agencies will be looking forward to advertise on the platform.

Statistically, 280 million people use Snapchat per day which is by far the year over year performance in more than 3 years with a 22% increase. The biggest growth for the app was observed in the rest of the world segment with a 57% increase and Europe being on second position with a 9% increase. This is because of Snapchat doing more and more investment for localized content as well as better language support features.

The strongest growth observed by Snapchat was in India, after introducing the new updated version for Android devices. Since Android is the leading OS in India, this new Android update played an important key role to charge up the user uptake for India. The same thing was posted in the report claiming that for the first time in first Quadrant the most number of the daily active users were using the android version of this app, which is a shock for a company that was more focused in dealing with the iOS devices. This made India the largest usage hub for Snapchat with 60 million users.

The new series “Ryan doesn’t know” from the Snapchat’s content was also able to attract a large number of people by engaging them with the application. The series successfully managed to get 20 million viewers starring Ryan Reynolds. Not only this but the AR tools also saw an increased engagement with this application and making a 40% year over year increase as more people gets engaged with the AR lens. Current the developers are also working on full AR based spectacles devices which will become a center of attention for the application. Another factor that helped Snapchat reaching this milestone is its Spotlight which is almost similar to Tiktok and hosts the short video clips while providing cash to up to $1 million per day to the best and the most user engaging Spotlight videos. A large number of creators have managed to make a spot for themselves by making handsome money from this platform.

According to Snapchat, 125 million Snapchatters in March, used Spotlight after it was launched in three new countries including Mexico, India and Brazil with a total of 14 countries. However one question still arises that can Snapchat keep paying out millions to make sure that the content creators keep coming back to this platform. While this concern arises the revenue being generated is also going up as posted by Snapchat that a total of 66% increase in revenue meaning $770 million for the 1st quadrant. Hence $158 million year by year increased as revenue and $308 million as overall intake for the same slot and if things go well then Snapchat will be able to afford the costs to keep Spotlight running and with this advertising agents will also be interested.

Snapchat is also interested in bringing in E-commerce opportunities by increasing its investment in the AR tools and technology. And even added that more than 75 million users viewed content related to beauty per month on Snapchat discovery in the 1st quadrant. According to the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, leadership in both user engagement and AR capabilities should be expanded for new use just like online shopping is making its way.

An upcoming impact is being expected from the IDFA update from Apple that could affect both Facebook and Snapchat however, according to the Chief Business officer of Snapchat, Jeremi Gorman, the company and its advertising partners are ready. In a statement given by Gorman, he showed his support for the new update by saying that user Privacy should be respected and further said that with the additional time received because of the delay, Snapchat decided to adopt the Apple’s SKAdNetwork and started testing it out with its partners and have successfully implemented the SKAdNetwork in their campaigns.

Snapchat was successfully able to outrun Twitter and Reddit in terms of daily active users and placed itself with other social media giants including Facebook and is now attracting more marketing and advertising companies at a higher rate.

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