Based on data, these are the top most used VPN apps for both iOS and Android devices

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a type of connection that makes sure that there is a secure communication between the user and the internet. Through the VPN, the data traffic of the user is routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel. It disguises the IP address of the user when they are using the internet and makes the location invisible to everyone! Through a virtual private network connection, the user gets secure from any external attack as well.

There are numerous benefits of using a VPN network. We are not well versed with the fact that sometimes when surfing the internet, an application or website might be tracking each one of our activities, they can collect this data and then use it for their advantages by promoting targeted ads in our social media feeds. With VPN, such things can be prevented. When using VPN, we can stop anyone from advertisers to software houses and even web browsers from gaining any access to our internet browsing patterns. VPN networks make sure to keep our internet connection secure for us to surf through the internet anonymously. That being said, which VPN app to actually choose from? Keep on reading as 42matters have recently come up with a list with the most trending and used VPN apps for both iOS and Android. It's important to note that the data of top trending VPN apps was based on number of downloads over the last 30 days.

VPN-Super Unlimited Proxy by Mobile Jump Pte Ltd., makes it to the top of the list with over 1,934,429 users globally and 470,174 in the United States. Followed by this is NordVPN: VPN Fast & Secure by Tefincom S.A, which at the moment has over 1,289,681 users globally. Up next on the list in Free VPN by Free manufactured by Free VPN LLC, it has over 870,770 users worldwide. Brave Private Web Browser VPN by Brave Software follows this with over 904,806 users all around the globe. Followed by this we have VPN Proxy Master- Super VPN by ALL Connected Co Ltd., with 853,884 users globally. These VPN apps are the most on trend right now for iOS devices.

For Android devices, Turbo VPN- Free VPN Proxy Server & Secure Services by Innovative Connecting make it to the first position on the list with over 4,437,334 users globally and about 170,881 users in the United States. Followed by this is the Norton Secure VPN- Security & Privacy Wi-Fi Proxy by Norton Mobile with 522,235 users globally. Up next is the Psiphon Pro- The Internet Freedom VPN by Psiphon Inc. with 999,616 users worldwide. Following this is Free VPN SecVPN: Fast Unlimited Secure Proxy by DaaYou Tech Team with 3,334,864 users worldwide. Last but not the least is the Turbo VPN Lite-Free VPN Proxy Server and Fast VPN by Innovative Connecting with 2,768,135 users worldwide.

This data will for sure help you in finding a VPN app for your need!
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