YouTube Discusses Its Creator Responsibility Initiative, Detailing Action That Will Be Taken Against Creators Breaking The Community Guidelines

YouTube has recently put up a blog post and a video, detailing its Creator Responsibility initiative and actions it may take against creators that fail to meet the community guidelines and standards.

Claiming that YouTube has nowadays come to house a certain brand of egocentric individuals that lack either basic empathy or even responsibility is hardly a controversial take. What with the likes of the Paul brothers, David Dobrik, and Jeffree Star running amok from scandal to scandal, caring very little for looking back on the ramifications of their actions, these very takes are justified almost daily. What’s worse is that the antics of such celebrities, bordering on the lines of racial insensitivity or general disrespect, are very publicly broadcasted to a wide audience of young, impressionable individuals. Infarctions of the community guidelines that YouTube has set out need to be enforced, and it seems that developers finally seem to be responding to the call.

A video uploaded to the YouTube Creators channel features Matt Koval, Creator Liaison, talking about the Creator Responsibility Initiative, and what it holds in stock for the YouTube community as a whole. Simply stated, a content creator’s actions are not limited to their videos, as YouTube keeps an eye out for actions both on and off the platform. Creators, especially after they receive a certain amount of fame, become representatives of the YouTube space as a whole, whether they’d like to or not. As such, their disruptive or disrespectful behavior has a negative impact on the community as a whole, especially since advertisers are often driven away from the platform by the egregious actions of the few. Therefore, for infarctions both in and out of videos, YouTube will now be issuing penalties.

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What do the penalties constitute? Well, a content creator guilty of breaching YouTube’s community guidelines or in general conducting themselves in a toxic manner can be subjected to demonetization, removal from the YouTube Partner Program, restriction of reach by dropping videos from recommendations, and for more popular individuals the cancelling of YouTube Original series and such. The message is clear: a severe infarction of basic human decency will result in a severe reaction from the developers and YouTube space as a whole.

YouTube has partaken in such action before, removing Logan Paul from the Partner Program and cancelling upcoming original projects with him over the infamous Suicide Forest incident. However, let’s hope that the site remains vigilant for upcoming infarctions as well.

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