This quick hack make searching easier on Google and it works on YouTube as well

Searching on Google has become our nature in daily life. Most of our work cannot be done with the help of this platform as it is the primary way to get the key information that we want in just a matter of seconds. Google provides accurate and fast information according to your query. According to data, there are (on average) around 40 thousand Google searches every single second, that about 3.5 billion searches every day that makes this platform a giant. This powerful search engine controls over 90% of the global search engine market. If you are a frequent user of the Google search engine, you obviously want to search quicker to get your key information, well; there is a handy trick that you should know for searching that can improve your experience on this platform.

If you are on the Google search page and are in the need of alteration of your query, simply press / to get back to the search box that can save your extra time and you don’t have to scroll up and scramble your way to the search box. The cursor will be positioned at the end of the existing query and the suggestion list will drop down in case you want to make a fast selection. These quick hacks help people a lot to key the desired result in an easy and faster way and now Google is also trying to make people aware of these hacks by showing them a pop-up toast notification on the bottom-left of the search page as well as posting it on Twitter where a lot of users see these hacks and share them with other people, in this way more people get to know these hacks in less time.

Google search Liaison has also tweeted that, if you have ever done a search and want to quickly get back to the search box again because of the reason you want to search something different. Now it is possible on the desktop after you have finished your search, just press / to be back to the search box, these short keys do not just work on Google, but you can take the benefits of these hacks or short keys on some other platform like YouTube. Using the forward slash to search is a normal shortcut that possibly takes its origin from Vim. You can also try these shortcuts to make your searching experience even better.

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