The Dinosaur Google Game Will Be Making Its Way to iPhone Widgets

Almost all of us are aware that when you open the Google Chrome to search something and you have an inactive internet connection, the Chrome browser shows you a dinosaur game where you jump and duck over and under obstacles while waiting for the Internet to be fixed, but have you ever given two thoughts about what the game is actually called? Well, if you have not and are thinking about it now you can stop because we are here to let you know. The game along with what half the world calls it “Dinosaur game” is also called Dino-Run, the Dino Game, T-Rex Runner, or even Steve the Dinosaur Game.

This game has been a memorable part of our life because while waiting for the internet to work back on you try to beat the high score that had been set on your computer probably by your own self and at times when the internet is not working and you were sitting to watch a movie along with your friends or cousins you all must have competed against each other to see who sets the highest score until the internet gets back to working and if you liked playing this game on google and you are an iPhone user we have some news for you.

As per BC, Google is bringing its Chrome's Dinosaur Game to Apple iPhones as an iOS widget that you can add to your home screen. With the release of the version Chrome 91 Beta for iOS, iPhone and iPad users can add the Dinosaur Game as a widget to their home screen. However, you cannot play the game directly on the widget because upon tapping on the widget to play the game it will open Google Chrome to the chrome://dino page and you can play the game from there. In case you are thinking Google will update and let you play this game directly on the widget then hold your horses because on the Google bug report for this widget, it is not likely that they plan on adding gameplay directly from within the widget.

But in case you want to play this game without it leading you to the Google Chrome page of Dino run and while the widget on your screen may look cute, if you want to play the dinosaur game for the best experience the 'Steve - Widget Game' app is the one to install, as it lets you actually play the game from within the widget itself.

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