Google Chrome’s new update is making it super easy for you to reopen your accidentally closed tabs

If you are a user of Google Chrome browser then you might know how annoying it is when your opened tabs accidentally closed and this situation even gets worst when you don’t remember which tab you opened. Google Chrome is now looking to ease this issue by the introduction of the ‘’recently closed tabs’’ section. Now you will be able to conveniently restore your accidentally closed tabs, and you can find exactly the one that you are looking for, no matter how long ago it accidentally closed. We have all made some mistakes like unintentionally mouse click which closed tabs or the pressed wrong keyboard shortcut. Misplaced clicks won’t be as enraging anymore.

It was first spotted on Chromium Gerrit and now it is also available on the Chrome Canary version for desktop devices, now the users of Chrome browser will be able to reopen the accidentally closed tabs through a new tab search pop-up menu. This menu will show 5 to 10 list of entries of your recently closed tabs whether you closed it yourself or it was accidentally closed, you can get your desired tab from this list and you can easily restore it. The main issue with the keyboard shortcuts is that it works like the undo feature of many apps, restoring tabs in reverses sequential orders. By using the new tab menu let you restore your closed tab with a quick click, regardless of when it was closed. The tab menu will also provide you the details of the specific tab you opened and this will narrow down the search.

To reopen the tabs, right-click a black space on the top of a browser window and go to "restore closed tabs" this will lead you to Chrome browser history. However, this new update will save your few clicks and might be more helpful. Currently, on a Windows laptop, users can press (CTRL) plus (Shift) plus (T) or press (Command) plus (Shift) plus (T) on MacBook to reopen/restore the recently closed tabs.

This new tab search feature will come in handy for those who do not want to remember yet another keyboard shortcut or access Chrome browser on a touchscreen, and it is expected that this new feature will be introduced in Chrome update soon. The feature is available in Chrome Canary version 91 and 92

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