Here's how to avoid getting banned on WhatsApp

WhatsApp keeps on working to ban accounts from the platform for the sake of user’s safety and to maintain a healthy space. Usually, there are two types of ban. Temporary ban is a method of temporarily banning an account. Besides, accessing illegal WhatsApp versions, the team are not used to applying a temporary ban nowadays, or they are extremely uncommon lately.

WhatsApp will temporarily ban account if it is running from an illegal source. Unsecured WhatsApp variants, often known as "WhatsApp Mods" on Android, frequently provide a variety of new updates, but the privacy could be impeded: these apps modify WhatsApp, inserting a different code, and there is no way of knowing if this code is harmful to the privacy and protection.

Since using a modded or unsupported WhatsApp version is against the Terms of Service, WhatsApp will block the profile when a new ban wave begins. They will certainly block the account if the user does not move to the official WhatsApp update from the App Store and Google Play Store in a given period of time.

WhatsApp will also temporarily suspend the account if too many groups have been made including members who are not familiar to the user. WhatsApp should secure their brand and customers, so banning modded versions is entirely appropriate. Perhaps, WhatsApp could have respond differently such as restricting accessibility to modded WhatsApp versions instead of blocking the user. WhatsApp has been trying to persuade users to avoid installing modded WhatsApp apps for a few years.

A user will be permanently banned from WhatsApp if that user has been temporarily banned for multiple times.

As per WAbetaInfo, the Facebook-owned messaging platform bans over 2.5 million accounts every single month because of bulk and automated messages. So be sure, you are avoiding such practices.

WhatsApp recommends that they do not give a notice before banning any account (according to their Terms of Service, they have the right to expel users without notice), but if the user believes that the account was blocked by accident, the case may be investigated by contacting them.

WhatsApp can ban users who send too many same messages to multiple contacts, groups or broadcast lists.

WhatsApp accounts with unusual names in their group names will also be blocked. The team is able to see all group members name and group name as described in the article about Apple Privacy Labels for WhatsApp, to maintain check and balance and quickly ban account that breach any law. Make sure to enable Two Step Verification process in order to avoid such situations.

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