53 percent of consumers say that they get irritated when they see too many ads of a brand

The marketing efforts of any company or brands have a direct impact on sales, but these are not only the factors that positively influence their business. Creating a positive brand image in the eyes of the consumer is a key factor for a successful promotional campaign. Brands make a huge investment in various platforms to positively influence the behavior of consumers. However, the advertisement on every platform has a different arrangement that engages the consumer in a diverse way. It happens that sometimes brands do not think carefully about the mentality of consumers and just make a lot of ads and it tries to show too many ads on the same screen of the consumer which creates a negative image of the brand for the consumer. Brands should understand that how today's consumer will get attracted to their product or service. According to a report from Global Web Index (GWI), following factors negatively impact the view of a brand.

First of all when consumers try to search for a product they see too many ads at the same time on a screen and they get irritated because this is not the right way to promote a product when a customer does not want to see the promotion or ads. Marketers should show only one ad at a time so that potential customers can properly view an ad. If they will see too many ads they will most probably skip all of them because of information fatigue. As per survey conducted by GWI, around 53 percent of consumers say that they get irritated when they see too many ads of a brand, which is also a biggest culprit when it comes to negatively impacting a brand's image.

The second factor which also negatively impacts the view of a brand is blocking the content a viewer is trying to access, one thing brands should understand that they should not forcefully promote their products to the consumers because they will get annoyed. Brands should adopt a different strategy to promote their product or service. Survey shows, 39 percent of the consumers get annoyed by those ads that block or get in the way of consuming a piece of content (an example of this we mostly see on YouTube in the form of pre-roll ad).

Brands should get the complete data about the likings of the viewer and then show relevant kinds of ads to attract more consumers. In most cases, a 60 years old person will never get attracted all the times to the ads of toys. According to GWI, 37% of consumers say that not relevant ads create a bad image of the brand.

Brands should be careful while the ads should be appropriate so that a consumer of any age can view such ads otherwise it will create a bad image instead, 31% of people say that ads that are next to inappropriate content should be avoided. Around 29% of consumers say that ads that seem to follow them would negatively impact their view of the brand. 20% of people get annoyed by the targeted ads.

Almost 15% of people say that brands should include diversity/inclusivity in their ads because an ad without diversity creates a negative impact. Ads that are not sensitive to pandemic create a negative impact on about 13% of people according to GWI report which surveyed around 2,103 US consumers and 2,000 users of the UK aged from 16 years to 64 years.

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