Social Media Giants Introduce Stickers to Encourage the Process of Vaccination Among the Public

When the pandemic had hit the world last year there was a lot of misinformation circulating about it around the web and the tech companies were trying their best to provide users the correct information online through valid and authentic sources. The same happened when the vaccine rolled out a year later. There were a lot of myths and wrong information related to the vaccine to a point that it scared people to get themselves vaccinated.

But now as the Covid-19 vaccines are rolling out more broadly throughout the world the social media companies have took it upon themselves to encourage people to get vaccinated in whatever ways they can help.

The social media companies are encouraging people to get vaccinated y introducing new really cute stickers on their applications related to the virus and its vaccines. Facebook has recently introduced new stickers on both of its application that is WhatsApp and Instagram.

On its main blue app last week, the tech giant had introduced a broader initiative to encourage vaccine take-up by showing which of your friends has used the stickers in their posts when they used the new stickers as well as the profile frames in its main app and now such visual treats are being introduced on Instagram as well.

The tech giant said that when you use such stickers on your stories or posts it will become part of a shared story with others who used the same or related sticker and will link to the COVID-19 Information Center to help others find out more about the vaccine.

While this may seem like a small step but social media has proved to change the minds of people in different ways and the companies are hopeful that when others will see their friends and family getting vaccinated it will remove may sort of myths and queries they have related to the negative aspects of the vaccine and will encourage them to get vaccinated as well.

It is a rather positive step by social media companies to encourage people to get vaccinated and provide them with the right kind of information about it. We are hopeful that the public will get themselves vaccinated and we will hopefully move onto a mask free world soon but let us not forget how one small thing can change our lives drastically and may be never take even the small things for granted.

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