Facebook Pay Tests personalized Person-to-Person Payments via QR Codes

Facebook Pay was launched in 2019 in the United States on the Facebook app. This service allows the users to send money, make purchases securely and allow money transfer for donations or other purposes. The Facebook Pay also allows the users to manage their activity and Settings of the money that is being transferred. Later this service that allows the transfer of money was expanded to all the Facebook integrated apps including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp in some regions.

According to the latest reports it is discovered that Facebook Pay is introducing a new way of payments and money transfer that is through the scanning of the QR codes. This method of scanning the QR Codes allows the users to send the money easily and quickly from one account to another. This is instantly done by the scanning of “Quick Response” codes.

It is discovered that this feature of Facebook Pay is being rolled out slowly and gradually. This feature is compatible with credit and debit cards and with PayPal in the United States. This can be used for international payments and money transactions through the service partners that are PayPal, Stripe, and other services. hence this will allow easy and physical transfer of money.

According to the reports the users can click on the Scan button in their Facebook Pay carousel. Clicking on it will allow the user to scan the QR code for a friend or a friend. Then the user has to select an account and finally, transfer the money to the account. Another feature that Facebook Pay is introducing is the personalized payment links. This will automatically direct other users to the secure page to transfer of the money to your account.

According to Scott Harley, the intention of Facebook for the transaction of money is not clear to the people. Many people don’t think that Facebook is a way to transact money therefore, Facebook has to work to change the mindset of the people as they can use other routes for the transaction of the money. He also says if the users use Facebook Pay for the money transfer for purchasing of stuff from the Facebook Marketplace then the in-app payment can be very convenient for the users but still, the people are not aware that they can use Facebook Pay for the transaction of money. But if Facebook Pay is used properly it can be a mainstream way to pay money.

Still, the Facebook Pay is trying to expand worldwide and on other Facebook integrated platforms. According to the sources it is seen that the feature of QR code scanning is still in the testing phase for some users of the United State and is yet to be tested out and launched globally.

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