In order to motivate more people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Facebook has released new profile frames for mobile users

When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit us all, it caused much turmoil and disturbances in the lives of everyone. On one hand we saw how powerful the healthcare community of the world really is and on the other hand we actually saw how humanity is still there alive in so many parts of the world. Among these were different social media platforms as well. Social media is a very powerful asset, if one wants to convince someone of something then social media is the number one platform where people voice out there opinions on. These numerous social media platforms were able to use their power the right way as we saw them being there for the people in need and helping out their users in whatever way they can. Whether it be for providing information related to the virus every day or by coming up with tools that can help small businesses reach an audience. These social media platforms have really outdone themselves.

Now as these platforms have brought in so much help with them, we can’t help but to also mention the disturbances that were caused by it. When the COVID-19 vaccine got released to the world in December of 2020, healthcare workers all around the world were trying to convince their people to take the vaccine. Some people because of misinformation spread, saw this as a threat for nothing, and began using the very same social media platforms to cause disturbances and spread conspiracies about the vaccine. While some platforms took strict measures against them, many like Facebook weren’t really able to look into it, and this in turn caused the social giant to face a huge amount of backlash from the general public. To rectify their mistakes, Facebook has been trying to adapt to measures that can help people to get motivated enough to take the vaccine. One of such measures is that Facebook has now created COVID-19 vaccine profile frames! These profile frames are in collaboration with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Facebook has launched these same profile frames in the United Kingdom as well in collaboration with National Health Services (NHS). These frames are another way for users to share their support for the vaccines and let others see that and get motivated themselves to do the same.

These profile frames are only being launched for mobile app users. Facebook says that in the coming weeks it will also be displaying a summary of the user’s friends and family who have taken the vaccine and are using the COVID-19 vaccine profile frames. Facebook will also be announcing some other changes as well to its users in their News Feed in the coming weeks or so.

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