Side loaded apps are a threat and can break privacy and security, says Apple's CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the CEO of the tech Giant, Apple, shared his views recently in an interview with Kara Swisher on The New York Times, on her podcast “Sway”. In this podcast, many topics were touched by the host, and the guest, Tim Cook cleared his views regarding the side loading apps as well.

Apple is not ready to compromise the privacy of its users as Tim Cook has stated that the side loading apps could be a potential threat to the privacy and security as he went on to use the term “break” over this issue as the side loaded applications are actually a gateway that gives user the access to third party app stores that are actually loaded with all sort of restrictions and cutting down the revenue generated by Apple through its developers is not the least that could be expected. In the one hour long podcast with Kara Swisher, when asked about the side loaded apps, Tim explained that if the side loaded were available, they could break the privacy and security model and will be opening up a vector for another store.

In terms of development, Apple has excelled a lot in both hardware and software and has earned the title of Tech Giant as it provides a limitless platform to the developers for their share of apps, but at the same time the Silicon valley is currently hosting a war as well between Facebook and Apple, based on the upcoming feature that Apple is planning to introduce in the upcoming iOS 14.5. This new App Tracking Transparency or the ATT feature will enable the apps to ask for user’s consent before tracking them down which makes it clear that no matter who is going against Apple, Apple will not go back on the privacy policy as according to Tim himself, the top most important issue of the 21st century is user privacy and without mentioning Facebook, he indicated that the user tracking can lead companies to form a complete report of that user including what that user is doing and thinking. He went on to explain that this ATT feature will put an end to the companies collecting data without the consent and every time a user is being tracked, the pop up notification will notify and the user can turn down the company’s attempt to acquire personal data. When asked about the possible impact on Facebook after this new update, Tim cleared that Facebook is not their concern, its the user privacy which they always keep first.

Facebook is not the only one Apple is having a fight with, the game and software developing company, Epic Games, is also in a dispute with Apple after the software developing company decided to impart itself from following Apple Stores Policy for user and Apple being firm on their user privacy policy is not ready to back off even after being accused by the gaming giant that Apple is not letting its user to download apps freely from stores other than the Apple store itself.

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