TikTok's Web Based Smart Video Editor Makes Ads Editing Convenient

Video editing was always a time taking and hectic work which also required experience and expertise to do so. Apart from needing the proper equipment, tools, and hard work for a number of days, that too with limited technology is long gone.

The 21st century is all about the newest technology and TikTok has recently launched an in-app shooting and editing tool which will help the users to experience an all-in-one platform for video editing along with low to no cost barriers, extensive creativity tools for beginners as well as professionals. Here you can make longer more polished advertisements or shorter just for fun videos.

Through the TikTok video editor users can make popular TikTok-style videos, which include in trend music, colors, fonts, and other filters and features which contain customization, subtitles transitions; cropping, and cutting.

If you are wondering how to use the feature then read along.

You can find the TikTok video editor in the TikTok ads manager dashboard under the ‘create a video’, menu. Here first it will ask you to select the materials from the library. Choose your required pictures and videos then get onto the next step.

Here you will come across lots of editing options, like adding a soundtrack from your own library or TikTok’s copyrighted tracks, you will also have the option to slow or fasten the music, adjust the volume speed or crop it.

Once you are done with adding the music, you will be asked if you want to add some text or picture or an emoji on to the video, different writing styles fonts, and colors to choose from. (Just like in MS PowerPoint).

The last step is choosing the type of transition that you want by clicking the plus + sign in the media track option. And bingo, your TikTok transition video is ready to upload.

It also has some options which were not mentioned above like the split audio track, which makes you put two songs in a single video, multilayer edit, which helps you resize or move video, object eraser by which you can erase an entire object without being obvious, movie effects, crop and a masking option which helps you see via the eyes of your ad viewer

In short, the TikTok video editor is easy to use, flexible and untroublesome, in which the user can go editing your videos step by step without getting tangled in during the procedure. And the cherry on the top, it is free.

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