Research from Microsoft Reveals Negative Impact of Virtual Meetings

In a post pandemic world, the most common way for people to end up conducting meetings related to work is to do so virtually using one of the countless programs and applications that have been developed to facilitate this sort of thing. However, this has also created the assumption that since all of these meetings are being conducted virtually rather than in person they might not be as physically tiring as real meetings that you might have gone to at your place of work.

It is important to note that Microsoft has conducted a research that has revealed that back to back meetings can be quite exhausting and that they can result in a lot of fatigue for workers. Taking short breaks in between meetings can mitigate a lot of this, since they can allow the meeting participant to reset and gather their thoughts before heading into the next meeting which might involve something or the other that is entirely different from the meeting that said participant had just finished being involved in.

Microsoft conducted this research to improve its own workplace management applications, and in response to this revelation the tech giant has made it so that Outlook will now have a shorter default time for meetings. This can help workers improve their overall productivity levels by allowing them to focus more on their work rather than get distracted by hours of endless meetings. A more holistic approach needs to be developed that takes into account the limits of the human body, and it is good that Microsoft is working hard to make its workplace based products in line with a fairer work environment that does not depend on employees exhausting themselves to meet impossible goals that have been set by their managers.
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