As Dell and HP desktops have always taken a lead with their devices, Apple too is trying to catch up with their new launched range of iMacs

In this age of laptops and tablets, people still prefer to use desktops over them any day. People who have longer hours of work from home or those who have large software through which they need to get work done use desktops, it is also a much suitable device for gamers and also for content creators who need to edit large parts of videos for their social media accounts. The competition in the desktop market still remains as fierce as ever with Dell, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Apple, Acer and much more.

According to the statistics, in the United States of America, over 33% of the population use Dell desktops in their household, 31% use HP, about 13% Apple, followed by Microsoft that is used by 7% of the population, 6% use Acer and 5% use Lenovo. With Dell, people can always get the best of the best while staying in their budget, it is fast and very user friendly and thus that is why majority of the people choose Dell desktops for their work. After Dell, another mind blowing company that develops good machines is HP, the design and overall performance is why it is also one of the most used desktops in the United States. Dell and HP have always been the first two options at the top of any list, whether it is for laptops or desktops, it is as such that about 6 in 10 people in the United States of America either use a Dell or a HP desktop in their households. If someone wants to invest on something long term, then choosing a device from either Dell or HP would be the best option, but with these two in mind, we cannot forget Apple now can we?

Apple has finally, after 2012 introduced a redesign of its iMac, the new line of iMacs have brought with themselves new colors that have the Apple’s newly launched M1 chip as well. The overall range is minimal but elegant and resemble somewhat to the iMacs that were released in 1998. At the time where Apple was introducing new designs and versions of their phones, tablets, smart watches and other things, they have finally paid heed to their desktops as well.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, more and more people switched to desktops for their daily use to set up their work space for work from home. This has greatly increased the sales of desktops in 2020.

Via: Statista.

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