Google Photos Introduces a Document Hub for You to Easily Find Your Documents

Google is one the most loved tech companies in the world for its variety of products and it has come up with amazing tools and features over the years. Many of Google’s most used products have proven to be quite useful for the public. Applications like Google Photos is considered to be the best cloud photo back up services because of the easy storage ability and also because it provides you the simplest way to search up a photo in your photo dump no matter how old the photo is. In other words, finding an image is as simple as describing it.

Many people keep a picture of their driver’s license or identity card in their Google photos instead of carrying the original copy with them everywhere because these two can come in handy or use anywhere. If you are one of these people we got some good news for you.

Google is now introducing a handy search feature for Google photos. The tech giant is introducing a dedicated Document Hub to keep your documents secured within your phone and for you to have an easier access to them because you cannot carry your documents everywhere but you sure carry your phone.

As per AndroidPolice, the new hub of documents will be joining the three already existing portions commonly called People & Pets, Places, and Things which have been in the search tab for the longest time. Documents will then be further divided into categories like screenshots, posters, paper documents, signs, and even more specific ones like handwriting, text messaging, bulletin boards, display boards, post-its, business cards, signatures, and so on. In case you are wondering that you could do store all this before too by typing the keywords in the search, this new section in the hub will allow you to store all your documents in a neatly organized manner and will also save you from the hassle of typing and who wouldn’t like that?

This section of documents in the hub is only available for a small amount of users which makes us believe that it is under testing phase and there are possibilities that certain changes in it will be implemented as well. However, when will it be available for a larger audience has not been said by the company. Though once this news is officially announced we are expecting this feature to be launched on the web versions of Google Photos as well.

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