Pinterest is reminding its users to be kind online, to make its platform a more safer place

In the world of technology, the use of technology is used for both bad and good reasons. Sometimes the users using the social media platforms can be offensive using rude remarks and hurtful posts. But now all social media platforms are introducing guidelines to reduce these offensive and racist comments. Similarly, on Wednesday Pinterest, a platform for visual discovery that allows you to search for all types of ideas and save them, has released its new guidelines and tools to reduce hurtful and offensive posts or remarks. These guidelines include a “positivity reminder”.

The new resource hub that is released by the Pinterest community is known as the Creator Mode. This feature is introduced to shine light on the issue of online bullying and harassment and the criticism all the platforms are getting due to it. According to the co-founder of Pinterest, the community of Pinterest always take care of their user and take notice against the cyberbullying and the community is also devoted to building a human-centric based company where all the other platforms are emerging as harsh and ignorant towards the online bullying and harassment.

According to Pinterest, the users have to agree with the rules and regulations of the Creator Code before they post any Story pins that is the posting of photos and videos including music and text etc. The rules of the Creator Code are that the users have to be kind online and can’t use any comments or speech of hate in their posts or comments.

The company of Pinterest has been in the market for a lot of years now and has more than 450 million users all over the world, yet the company has been under some allegations regarding discrimination in the workplace. Two ex-employees of Pinterest also stated that they had gone through the facial discrimination and were not paid equally as the other employees in the company. Therefore, in 2020 the company applied a gender discrimination lawsuit.

The company is also trying to introduce new tools that will remove and hateful keywords in the comments. The company is trying its best. Pinterest being an image-sharing platform also says that’s they can show positive remarks by using three comments on their feed. They say that none of the platforms are perfect and neither they are but they are trying their best to change and become the best version and taking steps to become a harassment and bullying-free platform. They are introducing new features and ways to remove any hate speech or comments on their platform.

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