Google Updates Its COVID-19 Doodle To Feature Cloth Mask Over Surgical Ones

Google has recently updated their recurrent COVID-19 “Wear A Mask” doodle, adding a cloth mask over the regular surgical masks, as per the updated CDC regulations regarding safety throughout the pandemic.

It’s a fair enough statement to say that the coronavirus pandemic has gone on much longer than most of us anticipated. With the fallout of lockdown and safety regulations spanning over a year, individuals are probably sick of hearing new information unfolding about anything COVID related. Vaccination programs kicking off in early 2021 came as a sigh of relief to the general public, but has yet to be fully implemented across the world. Ultimately, what with fluctuating news and rumors about side effects, newer strains, and chances of COVID-19 becoming endemic, a sense of tiredness is settling in. However, until the pandemic reaches its conclusion, for better or for worse, a responsibility falls upon the heads of public platforms such as Google to maintain a stream of relevant and useful information. Even if it comes in the form of a fun, cartoony animation.

Google Doodles are their own brand of iconic at this point. Featured above the Search bar, the interactive animations reach for great lengths in providing fun ways to communicate interesting details about certain highlighted days. Albert Einstein’s birthday may feature a quick animation featuring tidbits about his work, Edison’s may feature the lightbulb flickering on and off (or a very disappointed Nikola Tesla in the background), Eid-ul-Fitr may depict a full moon evolving into a crescent one, the list goes on.

In lieu of such past decisions, Google launched a COVID-themed doodle way back in July 2020, featuring the company logo’s letters sprouting legs, wearing masks, and spreading out in an attempt to encourage the basic regulations people would have to follow in attempts to stay safe during the pandemic. It’s an easy, memorable way to remind the general populace about important measures that must be adhered to. Not content with simply featuring such a Doodle once, Google relaunched it on the 6th of April, 2021, but with a new update.

This time, the Google letters take the time out to tie a cloth mask over their surgical masks before maintaining a decent gap. This update comes right at the heels of recent CDC guidelines encouraging the use of a cloth mask over the surgical one in order to both maintain an extra layer of security as well as ensuring a better, more snug fit for the underlying surgical mask.

The pandemic may not be over yet, but with vaccination programs spreading wide, we may be at a finishing flourish. Let’s keep general awareness going, and stay safe everyone!

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