Microsoft Edge to Introduce a New Handy Feature, Which Will Give Chrome A Tough Time, By Limiting The Number Of Annoying Videos You See

Microsoft Edge may slowly be climbing up on the stairs to become the next favorite browser. We all are avid Chrome users and have been loyal to it for a long time now that is because it offers better tools and usage than others but it is not all good that comes with it. Chrome has some bad parts to it as well with the by default playing ads on every website you open on the platform in bold letters and while this may annoy you we have some great news. Microsoft Edge is slowly and gradually gaining the trusts and interest of people and it is no time before it comes in competition with Chrome.

The Microsoft Edge has managed to come up with a super cool option which even Chrome cannot compete to. In news from Techdows, which notes a change in the Canary (read: pre-beta) build of Chromium-based Edge. Edge team enlightened the public that previously the edge had two options under its Media Auto play option which are Allow and Limit and now in the newer version of Edge will probably set the “Limit” option as default.

The limit option will probably reduce the occurrence of annoying video ads on your webpage and to keep it in mind it is not the same as the option “block” which the browser previously had but has now been locked behind a flag which you must first enable but we all know that it actually never worked. So limit option is the next best thing. However, this version and feature with the “limit” option set as default may be just a test because Beta versions of products often just show what a company is thinking about doing, not what it will do in the long run. But we are sure that Microsoft Edge will soon approve this new feature permanently because what else does a public want from a search engine than less ads? And we do know that Chrome will never come up with such a feature because Google is nothing if not a company based in online advertising but we cannot be too sure because who knows Google feels threatened and decides to bring up its own version with this feature introduced.

However, the threatened feeling is a long shot because the current worldwide browser market for Microsoft Edge is 3.4% and for Chrome is around at 64% and so Edge still has a long way and many more amazing features to introduce before it can claim to stand on the same usage level as Chrome does.

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