Google Translates Accomplishes a New Milestone by Crossing 1 Billion Downloads on the Play Store

The world since it has evolved in technology has introduced some great applications of various kinds. While some applications are for the purpose of providing entertainment like video games and video making apps like TikTok there are others which are on the more helpful side like dictionary applications and several others. One such application which has helped people who often travel a lot or need to translate in different languages is one of Google’s most useful inventions called “Google Translate.”

The application called Google Translate was introduced in April of 2006 and since then it has managed to bring about new changes in their applications for better tools and features and looks like the efforts of the company has finely succeeded. It was reported very recently that the Google Translate has crossed over one billion downloads on the Play Store.

The Translation applications is one of the most useful applications when you are traveling and comes in handy when you want to translate something or want to explain something to someone in a different country who does not understand the language that you speak. The application comes with over 108 languages and manages to translate from one to another very easily and rather quickly as well as comes with real-time transcription, and a dark mode.

The best part about it is that when you are traveling and you do not have the accessibility of the internet this application works in offline mode for your convenience and you will not have to worry about having data for you to translate. Apart from all this it also helps you the ability to pronounce foreign names for you. One of the best features it has is that it has a camera reading feature which allows you to open your camera on and focus on a certain language you want to translate, the application will read it through camera and translate it for you.

Considering all this it is clear why the application has managed to cross over 1 billion downloads on Play Store and that too in the times of the pandemic when travelling is limited to a lot of extents. We are sure once the restrictions from travels are lifted we will be witnessing a higher number in downloads for the Google Translate on both the Play Store as well as App Store. We congratulate the company on accomplishing this milestone.
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