Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge: Market Share Statistics Reveals Which Browser Is Leading Globally

The reports on browser market share basically tell us about how many visitors use a particular web browser and to what extent. The results are expressed usually in percentages. The recent results that have been released by StatCounter are from February of 2020 to February of 2021. The most used web browser during this time period was none other than Google Chrome, followed by Safari and then Firefox. Let us look more closely at the results.

We all surf the internet through our web browsers. For that we use different platforms, which can be desktops, mobile phones or tablets. It is shown that through desktops the most viewed web browser is Google Chrome with having a percentage of 66.47% of user activity, followed by Safari having 10.27%, then of course Mozilla Firefox with 8.17%, Opera in the second last place with 2.68% and IE with 1.89% of user activity. Majority of the people usually rely on their smartphones for doing simple tasks or even complex ones. As usual the most used web browser even on mobile phones is Chrome with reporting to have a percentage of 62.57%, followed by Safari with 24.8%. Samsung Internet is also on the list with achieving 6.09% of user activity; UC browser makes it next with 2.7%, Opera with 1.89% and last is Firefox with 0.51%. Many teenagers, tweens and kids do not use either mobile phones or laptops for their work and entertainment purposes. The device which is usually seen is tablets. In the first place is the web browser developed by Apple, Safari with over 43.67% of user activity, this is not shocking for when it comes to tablets most prefer to use Apple’s devices. Followed by Chrome with a close margin of 42.33% of user activity, Android then comes net with 12.2%, Opera with 0.64%, Edge Legacy with 0.27% and then again with the least number of statistics is Firefox with 0.21%.

When looking through the statistics related to anything, it is important to go through the results region wise as well. In Africa, the most used browser is Google Chrome with 67.7%, followed by Safari with 12.26%, Opera in the third place with 7.41%. Samsung Internet also makes it to the list with 3.94%, followed by Firefox with 3.71% and then Edge with 1.3%. In Asia, Chrome has the lead again with 71.79%, followed by Safari with 11.68%, then Samsung Internet with 3.55%. UC browser, Firefox and Opera browsers make it to the end with 3.39%, 2.13% and 2.08% respectively. The browser market share has been quite interesting in Europe. Google Chrome has a user percentage of 59.93%, Safari with 19.53%, Firefox with 6.58%, followed by Edge with 4.75% and Samsung internet with 3.75%. There is a major difference between Chrome and Safari’s user activity and where Firefox was seen to be having the least percentage; it makes it next to Safari in Europe. In North America, Chrome has 50.03% with Safari next having 34.47%. Edge follows it with 5.37% then Firefox having 3.69%. Samsung Internet is next in line with 2.37% and then IE with 1.21%. In South America, Chrome once again takes the lead with 82.2%, then Safari with 6.54%, Samsung Internet with 2.97%, Firefox with 2.57%, and Opera with 2.36% and Edge with 2.23%. The browser market share in Oceania has seen some results too; with 52.57% is Chrome, followed by Safari with 32.37%, then Edge with 4.78% and Firefox with 3.38%. This is followed by Samsung Internet having 3.3.7% and IE with 0.83%.

There hasn’t been much change during the years in the statistics but what has remained constant is that each web browser has in some way maintained their status. Web browser that has been in the lead mostly is Chrome.

This chart sheds light on global browser market share stats.
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