LinkedIn Is Rolling Out Its Live Video Broadcasting Dashboard For More Users

LinkedIn is one popular website when it comes to job searching. Millions of job seekers and employers are active on the website with some people searching for jobs and employers looking for the best possible candidates for a certain position. The website has managed to connect millions of people together to make job and candidate seeking easier and so many people are recruited through this website. LinkedIn knows the importance it has in the job industry and therefore it has always worked towards improving itself to provide users with better and easier experience on its platform making job search more easy for them.

The networking platform realized that a lot financial crisis and economical stresses is going on during this lockdown and many companies experienced downfall and employees lost their jobs and it has since then introduced more new features which will make it easier for people to go back on track again.

LinkedIn has a main dashboard which basically enlists your data about the content you share on LinkedIn, including articles, documents, and posts you've published and now the company is rolling out another tool which is live.

You know how you can do live streaming on Facebook, Instagram and for YouTube gaming and connect with your audience. Similar to that this feature in LinkedIn will let users do this, but with some extra leg work. The live dashboard will display your documents and posts and will allow you do live streaming while at the same time connecting you with jobs of your preference so that you can connect with them directly. 

You can learn more about in on this FAQ page.

The website holds a lot of value in the industry for job searching and it knows that a lot of people rely on it therefore the website is trying to make itself better every day so that more people can avail opportunities through it.

H/T: Jens Polomski / Matt Navarra

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