IBM’s New Debater AI is a Terrible Idea, Here’s Why

Applications of AI in the real world can be rather diverse, and one of the biggest examples of this sort of thing can be seen with IBM’s new AI called Project Debater. The purpose of this AI is essentially to use machine learning to figure out speech patterns and logical analysis to enable actual debate. The AI has not yet been able to best an actual debater in real world settings, but it is improving quickly which means that it might just become the next in a long line of AIs that bested humans at something they were good at starting with the AI that beat a chess grandmaster a few decades ago.

While the prospect of artificial intelligence becoming smart enough to debate with real human beings can be intriguing and exciting, it might just be the worst thing in the world based on how the internet works. Whether it’s this AI or some other that’s just like it, the online comment sections of the world can become a pretty terrible place if commenters are able to use AI to fight their battles for them in what would probably be an endless back and forth with no chance of anyone convincing people of what they truly believe in.

A bot that uses such an AI that people assume is a human being could be used to make people waste hours and hours online. Suffice it to say that there is no real way to prevent such a bot from being released, but one thing that internet users can do is that they can avoid endless online arguments. Such things rarely ever result in true dialogue of an exchanging of ideas, and the internet has become a pretty toxic place due to the rather low standard of debates the people generally partake in all in all. 

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