Internet Has Become a Huge Part of Life with 4 out of 5 Adults in US Using It On A Daily Basis

The Internet is a very useful technology that has managed to exist and now everything in our lives revolves around the internet and sometimes it feels as if there has been a halt in your living if you are not provided with a stable internet connection. When the pandemic emerged a lot of us thought that since we all are pretty much doing nothing at home and are bored he internet usage in all age groups will increase but rather some mixed results were shown.

According to a survey from Pew Research Center who managed to talk to 1502 participants involved in the survey over phone from January 25th till February 8th from different age categories to see how often do they use their internet daily

The first time such a survey was done was two years ago in 2019 and after that it was done this year. The survey showed different results on different age groups and from the previous survey a significant increase was seen in people using the internet once a day, several times a day, and almost constantly.

The highest percentage was seen in the daily usage of internet activity in adults that was 85 percent. There was a breakdown in it as well with the 31 percent out of the 85 percent using it almost constantly daily and the remaining 48 percent using the internet several times a day with regular intervals.

6 percent used it once a day while 8 percent used it less than once a day breaking the 8 percent down into 4 percent using it several times a week with the remaining 4 using it even less than that. 7 percent of the survey participants never used internet on daily or weekly basis.

A rise in those using the internet constantly, that's 31%—up from 21% in 2015 and 28% in 2019 was observed.

It was also revealed that the number varies crazily when you break it down by age with 48% of constant users are ages 18 to 29, 42% are 30 to 49, and 22% are 50 to 64. The lowest number was the generation over age 65, at 8%.

The internet is a basic means of life now and there are a lot of factors in our lives that are dependent on the internet and therefore more and more people are being inclined towards it every day. We are sure the next survey will show a more increase in numbers but that is for the future to see.
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