Survey shows public opinion on whether providing a photo ID when creating an account will help in reducing online abuse or not

With the progression of the social media world, it does not come as a surprise that cybercrime cases have increased to a number that was once thought to be unimaginable. The five types of cybercrime are: identity theft scams, invasion of privacy, phishing, cyber stalking and the one which has been reported since the beginning of internet is online harassment. YouGov, an international public opinion and data company, recently conducted a survey where they asked individuals if they think it will or will not help in the reduction of online abuse if people provide a photo ID to set up an account on any social media platform.

By looking at the results from the adult side, 45% of the individuals said that providing a photo ID for setting up an account will reduce abuse, while a 30% of respondents said that it will not, while the rest 24% were unsure of their opinions.
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