Microsoft is aggressively running an anti-Apple ad campaign with the new video about Surface Pro 7 as the better choice with the same tactic against iPad pro

For the past few months, Microsoft Company is trying to promote its surface pro against the Apple iPad pro. Microsoft Company has again shared an ad in which the comparison between Surface pro 7 and Apple iPad Pro has shown. Microsoft also made the same comparison of Surface pro with MacBook in the month of January this year which it showed that Surface Pro is a far better option for the user against the MacBook which is quite heavy and more expensive and it is also not a good option for gaming. Now, Microsoft is again running an aggressively anti-Apple ad campaign with a new video comparison of Surface pro 7 with iPad pro.

Microsoft targeted some flaws of iPad pro that it does not have an in-built stand and you cannot put it on the table without attaching a stand. However, Surface Pro 7 has an in-built stand option that you can whether using in your hands or you can put on the table while working. Intel has also invested to start a campaign about ‘’Go PC’’ this year and it even hired Justin Long to mock M1 Mac last month. This short 30 seconds video has compared some flaws of iPad pro with the best option of Surface Pro 7 and it also mocked not having an in-built stand. And it has only one USB-C port while Surface Pro has several available ports, and further, the iPad Pro has a heavier keyboard which makes it hard to carry it everywhere, while Surface Pro 7 has a light keyboard which you can take wherever you want.

The actor in the ad is mocking the iPad that do you really want to buy this iPad while holding it with a dongle connected in. The actor further compared that you can just find a tablet in iPad pro whereas, you can have the experience of both, a computer and a tablet. He also compared the prices with the iPad pro smart keyboard which you can get it for $1,348 for 12.9 inches model, while the price of the Surface Pro 7 starts from $750, and Microsoft said that the model of Surface Pro 7 showed in the ad is priced at $880 because it includes the price of keyboard as well. This ad showed that you can do all things with Surface Pro that you would love to do. Microsoft is trying to capture the market of tablets by giving the same or even better feature to the people so that many iPad users may migrate to this brand.

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