People Use Google, YouTube And Maps for The Best Reviews, Info and Locations During the Pandemic

The internet has a lot of answers to a lot of our queries and with technology advancing so quickly that people have made use of internet for the basic of things in their lives. The applications like Google and YouTube which are a means of providing information to people know how much people are relying on them nowadays for the basic information regarding stuff and therefore the companies are trying to better themselves.

Google in one of its update shared how people during this pandemic have made use of its finest applications like Google Map, Google Search and YouTube to shop during the pandemic and also support local businesses because people realized during lockdown that supporting and standing with small businesses was very important during this crucial time and one survey even showed that searches for “local” and “business” and “local business near me” were increased by 80 percent during the pandemic.

People search for products or things they plan on buying beforehand on Google and also look it up on YouTube for authentic product reviews. One survey even showed that 45 percent of shoppers’ watch product demonstrations on YouTube before making a purchase because it gives them a sense of security about their buy and it is two times likely that people will buy something they saw on YouTube. But that’s not all, people not only search what they want to buy but also look up where they can find the certain product in their locality or where they can buy it. According to Google, searches for “who has” and “in stock” were observed to have increased more than 8000%.

People searching restaurants online on Google Search before they head to dine out was also noticed on a wider scale with two out of three dining consumers saying they used search to find food and beverage information during the pandemic and 57 percent said they also discovered information like these through online ads.

On Google Maps searches for places in which people were interested or wanted to find near their locality was also observed. The place really did not have to be a tourist spot but simple searches like “gift shop” was brought to notice.

In times of the pandemic when life seems to be at a stop but going at a slow pace at the same the companies like Google and YouTube are helping people in ways they can and even though it may not seem big going out knowing where you can buy a certain product and if it worth buying at such times is a relief.

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