Pinterest has introduced a new ad campaign and rolled out Business Access (an ad management dashboard) to better frame its growing use case and emphasized new opportunities for marketers

Pinterest deals with more than 7.17% of all social media referral traffic because of the reason that there are about 459 million active users on this platform. About 96% of the users of Pinterest look for product information every day and 87% of the people have bought a product they saw on Pinterest. More than half of the users have $50,000 income annually. And it is also works well for B2B brands as long as the content is good with some of the attractive images along with it. As the audience is growing very fast on this platform with the e-commerce boom, Pinterest has introduced its new ad campaign for the first time which can bring more opportunities for marketers and it will also better frame its key audience and use case.

The campaign, "Be Their Next" is trying to focus on the distinguishing factors of Pinterest as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And its main aim is to connect many brands with its audience. Pinterest is trying to attract brands to be their next and be the things which its audience is looking for, maybe you can become the next buy of audience and for inspiring auto marketer to advertise their maintainable vehicle and for beauty brands it is a great opportunity to grow strongly on this platform and this ad campaign spoke about five different advertiser ideas in which many businesses can come and invest as they can get connected with a large number of audience on this platform.

This ad aims to highlight the growing opportunity of Pin marketing, and with a huge number of audiences on this platform, many brands can understand the needs and demands of the audience and they can take the time to tap into the app’s audience as Pinners are ready to buy their products. According to research, more than 97% of product, audience purchases are unbranded and 8 in every 10 pinners say that they have bought a product that is based on the brand they found on the platform so that gives an opportunity to many brands to be what they are looking for because they are open-minded and always ready to buy. Pinterest also included a mini-site to support its video ad campaign in which is given chance to cosmetics brands to come up as women of Pinterest make up more than 60% of the global audience. More than 45% of the US people who earn up to 100k online are on Pinterest and 40% are male pinners and Gen z and 35% are Millennial on the platform. However, this ad campaign is been introduced only in the US, UK, France, Australia, and Canada.

As per Matt Navarra and Jeff Higgins, Pinterest has also introduced new ad management tool (named as Business Access) which will provide many options to the brands to manage their ad account in such a way that can engage more audience and its existing access permission has shifted to a new format that will allow the brands to manage more people, partners and ad account from a centralized system which will make their work easy.

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