Facebook has been testing its new Public group experience for quite some months now, and it's now finally releasing it across the world

Facebook last year in October launched the new Public Groups experience. The whole idea behind this was to help more people become part of different communities, to grow healthy perspectives and allow people to have pure and genuine conversations with people from different sectors. All of this while also giving the group admins new powerful tools to protect their groups and keep the level of conversation going. The difference between these Public groups and the Private groups that already exist on the social media platform is that now people can discover these groups both on and off Facebook, which means that people can join these public groups and get updates without needing the admins approval, the admin will still over look on who can post on the group but the content will be visible to everyone. The admins have control over letting anyone participate in the group even if they aren’t participants of that group. Admins have also the power to let their members post and comment with using customizable profiles in the group, the members of the group are allowed to change their member name with their authentic name only being displayed to the admin of that group.

It has been reported that these public groups are now made available to all the public groups; it is up to the group administrators to switch their group to this version to experience new things and be part of more meaningful conversations. However once switched to this version, the admin cannot change this setting later on. The main aim of these public groups is to make it easier for the people on the social media platform to discover, join and participate more in these groups. As mentioned anyone can join these groups without admin approval and can participate as visitors in conversations that interest them.

After opting for this new experience, the group admins will get a 72 hour time frame to either cancel it or go with this new experience, after the time period is over, the admins can use their powerful tools, and can be allowed to go with this new experience permanently. They can activate and set the Participant Approval through the basic settings and Admin Assist through their separate Admin settings. If the admin had previously blocked or muted someone, then those participants will still remain in that zone even after making the group Public for everyone.

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